Home Alone 4 (2002)
89 min|Comedy, Crime, Family|November 3, 2002
2.5Rating: 2.5 / 10 from 27,848 usersMetascore: N/ANOT RATED
Kevin McCallister's parents have split up. Now living with his mom, he decides to spend Christmas with his dad at the mansion of his father's rich girlfriend, Natalie. Meanwhile robber Marv...

Home Alone 4 Summary:

At the McCallisters’ home, Diminish (Jason Beghe) will get isolated from Kate (Clare Carey) and reports that he’s living with his new and rich sweetheart Natalie (Joanna Going) at her estate. He tells his three adolescents Buzz (Gideon Jacobs), Megan (Chelsea Russo), and Kevin (Mike Weinberg) that they are encouraging the visit of a celebrated family and invites everyone to experience Christmas with him and Natalie. After at first can’t, Kevin takes his father up on his offer in the wake of being bothered by Buzz.

Kevin benefits as much as possible from his chance at Natalie’s estate with his new room, latest gadgets and his life. The next morning, Natalie and Subside go out for a bit while Kevin stays at the manor with Natalie’s head worker Mr. Prescott (Erick Avari) and house manager Molly (Barbara Babcock). While Mr. Prescott makes Kevin a milkshake, he goes into the security room and gets caught by Mr. Prescott who gives Kevin another shot. With Natalie Dwindle still away, Kevin sees his old foe Marv (French Stewart), who is whatever is left of the person from the Wet Desperados in the wake of dumping his last associate, Harry, nearby his new sidekick and mate Vera (Missi Pyle) outside the house. Kevin tries to get Mr. Prescott to answer the radio, yet sadly it doesn’t work in light of the way that Marv balanced the security system. He by then watches out for them and pushes them away by flooding the house, however Subside and Natalie arrive while Kevin is cleaning up and don’t put stock in Kevin’s elucidation, especially since Mr. Prescott cases to have seen nothing. Kevin by then undertakings to use the reconnaissance camera film to substantiate himself, yet finds that the camera had been murdered and is gotten by Mr. Prescott, who Kevin now acknowledges to be Marv and Vera’s accomplice. Molly by then shows up and gets Kevin out of burden. Wane and Natalie by then recognize they gave Kevin inconvenience and enhance him feel, so them three embellish the tree.

The next morning, Dwindle and Kevin wake up and comprehend their tree was re-completed in perspective of Natalie. Kate, Buzz and Megan by then land to visit Kevin. Kate meets Natalie up close and personal and Kevin exhibits the entire house to Buzz and Megan. At a social affair for the renowned family while Subside and Natalie have gone to lift them up, Kevin sees Marv and Vera spruced up as nourishment suppliers. Mr. Prescott alerts Kevin about today around night time so he by then traps Mr. Prescott into going into the cooler room and he twists up secured in the cooler room and set in ice. Kevin by then watches out for Marv and Vera in his room and hears them masterminding about getting the sovereign. Shockingly for them, Kevin guarantees that their game plan was a failure and has them drop out and break the window. The supreme family can’t go to the get-together in light of the fact that their flight was wiped out, so Dwindle and Natalie announce their engagement to the social event guests. Marv and Vera continue running over into the house and Kevin hits Marv with a skillet, flips the table and get soup spilled on Marv and Vera. By then they seek after Kevin who reliably continues running into the guests while attempting to escape, inadvertently causing a swarm and demolishes the social affair. Lessen is chafed at this event and sends Kevin to his room, up ’til now declining to believe him about the break-in and assumes that Kevin is attempting to end his relationship with Natalie.

home alone 4
home alone 4

Since no one trusts him about the heist, Kevin oversees matters himself, and sets booby traps for Marv and Vera. The next morning Diminish and Natalie go get the royals and Kevin is gone out. Marv and Vera wake up and rush toward the house. Kevin traps and jolts Mr. Prescott in the tempest basement, however at last discovers Marv and Vera’s real accomplice is totally, who in like manner winds up being Marv’s mother too. Kevin gets secured in the basement with Mr. Prescott. Resulting to apologizing to Mr. Prescott for confounding him (and the a different way), out how to escape through the dumbwaiter. Kevin by then traps Marv under the dumbwaiter however Vera gets him out. By then, Kevin discharges his traps on Marv and Vera. From there on, Molly appears as Kevin makes sense of how to trap her in the lift, and hustles to his room. At the air terminal, Subside gets worried over Kevin and takes a cab back to Natalie’s to mind him. Back in the tempest basement, Mr. Prescott by then makes sense of how to escape through the dumbwaiter too to check whether Kevin is alright. Simply all over the place, Kate, Buzz and Megan are gone to save Kevin as well. Marv heads to the room and ends up slowing down out under the bookshelf. Kevin by then plays an annal of Marv, impacting it to appear as though he’s culpable Vera, which makes her holler at him and battle. Marv by then gets hit by Kevin’s electric plane affecting him to fall and thunder down the stairs. Marv and Vera are then tricked by Kevin with a riddle divider switch, end up swinging from a roof apparatus, and they fall and are pounded negligent. Molly, having become away, gets Kevin however Mr. Prescott pounds her out with a serving plate. By then, he and Kevin call the police.

As Subside, Kate, Buzz and Megan arrive, Kevin, with Buzz and Megan’s help, seeks after Marv and Vera out of the house and treks them up. Lessen apologizes to Kevin for not believing him. The celebrated family and Natalie arrive and Natalie is perplexed when she sees Marv, Vera, and Molly getting caught. Lessen reveals to Natalie that Kevin saved the day and a FBI authority reveals that Molly, Marv and Vera arranged the plot to grab the royals. Diminish goes separate ways with Natalie, Mr. Prescott leaves, the royals experience Christmas with the McCallisters, and it is a better than average Christmas for everyone beside Natalie, Marv, Vera, and Molly.



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