Home Alone 3 (1997)
102 min|Comedy, Crime, Family|December 12, 1997
4.4Rating: 4.4 / 10 from 87,978 usersMetascore: N/APG
Alex Pruitt, a young boy of nine living in Chicago, fends off thieves who seek a top-secret chip in his toy car to support a North Korean terrorist organization's next deed.

Home Alone 3 Summary:

The criminals put it inside a remote control auto to sneak it past security at San Francisco International Airport. Be that as it may, a baggage mistake happens, causing a lady named Mrs. Hess to unintentionally take the criminals’ sack containing the remote control auto while she is returning home to Chicago. The four criminals land in Chicago and later efficiently look through each house in Mrs. Hess’ rural neighborhood to discover the chip.

In the interim, Alex Pruitt is given the remote control auto by Mrs. Hess for scooping snow, however, she addresses him for scratching various tingles. Alex returns home and evacuates his shirt to find that he has chickenpox, and thusly, he should remain out of school. While recuperating at home, Alex utilizes his telescope and finds the hoodlums on pay special mind to the chip. Alex neglects to persuade the police twice, so he chooses to keep an eye on the cheats by utilizing his toy auto and a camcorder. The criminals find it and take away the confirmation, which brings about a pursuit. Pondering what the hoodlums need with a remote control auto, Alex opens it and finds the stolen chip, and later illuminates the neighborhood Air Force Recruitment Center about the chip while inquiring as to whether they can forward the data about the chip to the correct experts.

home alone 3
home alone 3

The cheats at last reason that Alex has been watching them and choose to seek after him. As a snowstorm hits Chicago, the cheats close off the street to the house and Alice conduit tapes Mrs. Hess to a seat in her carport and depart the entryway open. By this point, Alex has fixed his home with booby traps and plans to set them off with his pet rodent, Doris, and his sibling’s uproarious mouthed pet parrot. After their various break-in endeavors are thwarted by Alex’s traps, the cheats must penetrate the house and look for Alex. Alex escapes to the storage room and brings the dumbwaiter down to the cellar, at that point keeps running outside and calls to Alice, Jernigan, and Unger. The hoodlums see Alex and notice a trampoline underneath them. Jernigan and Unger hop to seek after Alex, yet the trampoline gives way and they fall into a solidified swimming pool. Alice wriggles her way into the dumbwaiter chute, yet tumbles down to the storm cellar. Alex is cornered by Beaupre while attempting to safeguard Mrs. Hess, yet frightens him away with an air pocket weapon looking like a Glock. In the meantime, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) touches base to Alex’s kid’s school, in the wake of being tipped off by the enrollment focus. Alex’s family conveys the FBI to their home, where the police arrive and capture Alice, Jernigan, and Unger. Be that as it may, Beaupre has gotten away to the snow fortification on the patio. The parrot drives the remote control auto into the snow fortification and debilitates to light firecrackers, which are lined around within. Beaupre offers a wafer, however, the parrot requests two. Since he just has one, the parrot at that point lights the firecrackers and escapes. Beaupre is found and captured.

In the epilog, the Pruitts hold a festival for Alex’s prosperity while their home is being repaired. Mrs. Hess, who becomes friends with Alex after he spares her from freezing to death in her carport, goes to the festival with the FBI and the police. They are joined by Alex’s dad, who returns home from his business trip in New York City. The criminals are indicated having their mugshot photographs taken and have all gotten Alex’s chickenpox.

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